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“We believe that clients don’t care how much we know,
until they know how much we care.”

Our clients’ financial concerns are created by their own success. They need to protect their wealth and plan for the future. Their concerns go beyond the management of money to broader issues involving family and business relationships.

Many of our clients own companies and depend on our advisors’ financial planning skills. Companies like, New England’s top 250 private companies, manufacturing or wholesale, and they all have special challenges.

Some clients inherited a family business and want to protect that business for their children. Others started their business years ago and need to prepare a new generation for leadership. They turn to us to help assure the continuity of a company they have spent their lives building.

We also represent successful professionals from physicians, accountants, and attorneys to sports figures.

Most of our clients share the same challenge – optimizing the accumulation, conservation, and distribution of wealth. In the past, many worked only with attorneys or accountants to meet these objectives. Now they depend on Marshall Wealth Management. Together our advisors keep tax, investments, business, and estate plans dynamic and responsive to changing needs to help achieve your lifetime goals.